Main reception and the beauty treatment rooms at Debbie Locke Health Spa and Beauty Salon

Facilities for the Disabled



Debbie Locke Health and Beauty Spa at The Grange now have BRILLIANT facilities for those of us who find it difficult to get about. One of the great advantages of being in a recently rebuilt barn is that it complies fully with the most recent legislation concerning disabled access and facilities. We have:


Designated parking for disabled people arriving by car, adjacent to the entrance.


A wide doorway with no 'lip'; the doorway has a low gradient ramp from the car park.


Wide internal corridors


Disabled toilet facilties


All the health and beauty facilities are on the ground floor.


Debbie Locke Health and Beauty Spa
The Grange
Weston-super-Mare North Somerset BS24 6RR
01934 877700

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