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Creed Perfumes and Fragrances

Creed Perfumes and After Shaves

There still exists a discreet family-owned perfume house dedicated to the creation of highly original fragrances of extravagant quality: Creed, with a firm reputation for the rare beauty, quality and exclusivity of its fragrances.


The House of Creed has been one of the best kept secrets of the perfume world, patronised by the seriously rich, chic and famous, numbering amongst its clients Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, Princess Diane, George Clooney and David Beckham.

Over the years the Creed family has produced over two hundred perfumes, all original and hand-made, often creating fragrances for the exclusive use of their wealthiest customers.


The House of Creed selects the purest rose essences from Bulgaria, Turkey or Morocco as well as Italian jasmine, irises from Florence, Tuberose from India or genuine Parma violets. Creed also manufacture their own essences using the traditional infusion technique, now abandoned as too costly by the modern perfume industry.


Wherever Creed insists on using natural essences instead of the synthetic ones used increasingly by large perfume companies these days. This enables Creed to preserve the originality and superior quality of its fragrances. The components are then weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered, all by hand, before being shipped to only the finest department stores and specialist retailers worldwide. Creed fragrances offer all those who appreciate excellence the opportunity to rediscover the art of fine fragrance.



Creating a fragrance


Olivier Creed personally selects the purest and finest ingredients from all over the world.


Mr Creed insists on using natural essences wherever possible which helps preserve the originality and longevity of the fragrance.


Creed uses traditional infusion technique – now abandoned by the modern perfume industry because of cost


The hand selected components are weighed, mixed and filtered.


This technique ensures the quality of the fragrances are not lost.


Creed creates unique, exclusive perfumes – all original and handmade.



Millesime Fragrance s


‘Millesime’ denotes a product of the finest quality.


Creed fragrances and perfumes contain the highest percentage of natural essences found in the French perfume industry.




Creed’s Millesime Collection for Women


Creed’s Millesime Collection for Men


Creed's Millesime Fragrances suitable for both Men and Women




If you would like to purchase a Creed product, then please give us a ring on 01934 877700.


All perfumes and fragrances are available in two sizes, a 30 ml spray and a 75ml spray. Phone for best prices, with free post and packaging.




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