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Aromatherapy gets its name from the benefits created by the aroma of plant, fruit and herb essential oils used in this healing art that is more than 8,000 years old. 


Based on organic chemistry, aromatherapy affects both the body and the emotions. The essential oils are very potent; the minute size of the molecules in the oils allows for penetration into the blood stream.


Aromatherapy requires an individual blend of oils to suit the individual and should
always be administered by a qualified practitioner.


Body and face massage

Head massage

Massage in many forms is very beneficial for the body and mind but aromatherapy
massage is generally lighter than other techniques. 


Results can be felt soon after individual treatments, but a series of treatments will benefit the body as the healing properties of the oils remain in the blood stream. 

Oils are administered in a carrier oil, usually a light oil such as almond, apricot kernel, calendula, jojoba, evening primrose or a refined oil such as grape seed.


Our aromatherapy massage incorporates the body, face and scalp using finely blended essential oils. It will energise, relax or help specific ailments. Debbie Locke Health and Beauty Therapists will blend a mixture of oils to suit your individual needs.



Indian Head Massage

A traditional Indian technique of treating the back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp through clothes. Energies will become re-balanced and general feeling of relaxation will be achieved to the whole body. Indian Head Massage £36 .



Reflexology is a complementary therapy which uses hands only to apply pressure to the feet in order to encourage healing, helping to restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment, which helps to reduce tension and relieve stress.



Hopi Ear Candles

An ancient natural therapy used by the Hopi Indians. A safe, relaxing removal of ear wax. Relieves irritations of ear wax and sinusitis. Regulates pressure caused by headaches and migraines. Carefully made by hand the candles contain honey extracts, essential oils of Clary Sage, St.John Wart and Chamomile. The treatment includes a gentle head massage. From £34


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