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Hair Removal


Our hair acts as an insulator and sensor. It can be extremely tough to remove: a strand of hair is stronger than a strand of copper or nylon! 



Waxing can be used for most areas of the body; it causes minimal discomfort and hair-free skin for up to six weeks. Regular treatment weakens hair growth leaving hair finer and skin smoother, using our Azuline Roller Wax system.


Full leg and bikini line


Full leg


Three quarter leg


Half leg


Bikini Line


Half leg and bikini


Brazilian Bikini









This is the most widely used method of progressive permanent hair removal.  We use the Sterex Blend method, which is a combination of diathermy and galvanic current to create a chemical reaction to destroy the growing part of a hair follicle.  With no risk of scarring, this is a lot less painful than the more traditional heating method that uses electrical current only.

The structure of a hair follicle

We only use Sterex stainless needles.  The needles are sterilized by Gamma Irradiation, and then cellophane sealed.  A new sterile needle is used for each visit.

As with all hair removal methods, a series of treatments is essential to capture the growing hairs. The application has no long term effect on hairs past their growth period.

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