Main reception and the beauty treatment rooms at Debbie Locke Health Spa and Beauty Salon


Hypnotherapy at the  Grange Health Spa


Mike Barrett Dip. Hyp. E.T.UK.


Our Hypnotherapist is Mike Barrett and he founded 'I can help' Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy & Hypnoanalysis can help you achieve your goals in almost any area of your life including;


Self confidence, Smoking
Weight control, Relaxation
Tension, Anxiety
Asthma, Allergies
Stress, Car Sickness
Claustrophobia, Exams
Nail biting, Public speaking
Stammering, Migraine
Nightmares, Sleep disorders
Blushing, Tinnitus
Phobias, (Spiders,
Snakes, Flying etc etc)


Why does Hypnotherapy work ?


What can Hypnotherapy be used for ?


Will Hypnotherapy work for me ?


If you want to get on Mike Barrett's waiting list, then contact us on 01934 877700.

Debbie Locke Health and Beauty Spa
The Grange
Weston-super-Mare North Somerset BS24 6RR
01934 877700

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