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The benefits of massage are well-known: relaxed, soothed muscles. But it can also boost circulation, help dispel toxins and improve body tone. As well as the Aromatherapy Body Massage we can provide full body massage using essential oils, or just a back, neck and shoulder massage. 


The G5 deep stimulating massage provides the following benefits:


Massage with a G5 machine


Aids exfoliation process


Improves circulation to joints


Helps delay new wrinkles


Improves skin texture


Increases skin elasticity



Massage with a G5 machine


Dilates blood vessels


Improves circulation


Hastens elimination of wastes/toxins


Stimulates sensory nerve endings


Promotes relaxation and better sleep


Relaxes contracted, tense muscles




Full body massage


Body Silk Treatment

This comprises a complete body exfoliation, followed by a shower, session in the sauna. Finally, you receive a full body massage with essential oils of your choice.


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