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Red Vein and Skin Tag Removal


Red Vein Removal


Red or broken veins are a common problem that can be easily rectified by simple diathermy.


Diathermy is a type of thermolysis used to cauterise the capillaries and small veins that are engorged with blood; this dries up the blood that is engorging the vein. Instant results are achieved and although it is an invasive treatment it is a tried and tested method of thread vein removal.

In many cases only one or two treatments are necessary to achieve permanent removal. Also, this method of treatment can be used to remove skin tags, warts and moles
Our therapists are fully qualified in this advanced treatment. 


Skin tag Removal


The treatment also uses Diathermy; the stalk of a skin tag is cauterised to prevent nerve and blood supply to the body of the tag. The result of this procedure is a tiny black cauterisation mark that heals leaving no scar.


We carry out these treatments in sessions of five or ten minutes; this allows the removal of multiple red veins or skin tags. The procedures cause minimum discomfort.

We offer a no-obligation free consultation .


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