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Semi-permanent Make-up


Otherwise known as Micropigmentation, semi permanent make-up enhances natural looks.


This make-up, being carried out with needles and pigments or dyes is sometimes marketed as permanent, creating confusion. In practical terms, it means that make-up will not be there for ever, but whilst it is there, it cannot be easily erased or removed.


Semi-permanent lip line being applied


Semi permanent make-up will fade over time as the pigment is inserted only into the upper layer of the dermis - as the skin gets replaced, over a period of two or three years, the colour fades.


Eyebrows, eyes, lips - the focal points of the facial expression - are the prime targets for the treatment. Sparse eyebrows, either as a result of nature or of over tweezing, non-existent brows caused, for example, by alopecia areata, short, uneven or irregular and ill-defined brow lines can be corrected. Eyes can be given a character, definition and structure by creating a fine line close to the upper and lower lashes. In the case of people without real lashes, it can create the illusion of lashes. The shape of the lip can be improved, and imperfections such as arched, flat or asymmetric lips can be corrected.


This gentle procedure is done by hand with NO machines or injections. A topical numbing agent is applied to desensitise the area. All the pigments are approved for use on facial skin.


Semi permanent make-up is ideal for People who live active lives, for those who are allergic to cosmetics for those who have difficulty applying make-up, or for those who wear contact lenses.


We will do a thorough consultation prior to treatments to explain costs, pros and cons, lasting effects, colour selections and after care. 


All prices include f ree consultation, a patch test (required), application of your semi-permanent makeup and TWO top-ups treatments (normally done about 6 weeks to 12 weeks later).

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